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Borobudur Temple

Yogyakarta GolfPSD Team were invited by the Ministry of Tourism Indonesia for a recent FAM Trip at Yogjakarta Special Province a.k.a Jogja to discover the wonderful golf and travel experience in this heritage city.

Yogyakarta is accessible from some of the major hubs in the region such as Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and via the domestic hubs such as Bali, Jakarta and Medan.

 The Highlights

  • Experience the heritage pack city with strong ancient Javanese culture.
  • Golf at scenic courses
  • One of the friendliest people you will meet
  • Royal Javanese dining experience
  • Street food experience

Where to Stay

Phoenix Hotel Yogyakarta by Sofitel. We were hosted in this beautiful hotel situated at a very central location near to tourist attractions and Malioboro Street. A mix of rich heritage of Jogja combine with professional service from all the staffs made our perfect stay.


There are four (4) courses in total. Three 18 Holes golf course namely Adisucipto Golf Club, Borobudur International Golf and Country Club, Merapi Golf Yogyakarta and a 9 hole course, Hyatt Regency Golf Course.

Merapi Golf YogyagartaMerapi Golf Yogyakarta
What made the course standout and one of the highlight of our trip was the golf cart is allowed to go on the course – all the way until before the green! (that’s right, don’t go over the green). Designed by Thomson, Wolveridge & Perrett, the course set within a sight distance from the Merapi Mountain and sitting on 800 meters above sea level. The 18 Holes par 72 course measuring at 6370 meters located about one hour from the city center and offering that perfect climate and breathtaking view of the Mount Merapi and the birds eyeview of Yogyakarta city. Fairways are well maintained and the scenic view will makes you trying to get a good picture with the Mount Merapi as background. The course still provides a great challenge with four tee box provided (Championship, Blue, White and Red Tee). Our tip is to stay focus on your putts to tackle this course.

Borobundur International Country ClubBorobudur International Golf and Country Club

Located 90 minutes from the city center. A visit to this club is best when you combine it with a trip to the majestic Borobudur Temple. Get off early from your hotel as it will take 90 minutes to drive from city center to the golf club. The 5,630 yards course set among the lush greeneries and mountainous landscape provides a very scenic view. Each holes has a distinctive design that will amaze you and the round is perfect with a well-trained caddies. The caddies in this course will be the highest selling point with the knowledge they have thanks to the good management compare to the surrounding golf course. Green speed is consistent and well maintained. The clubhouse offers a wide variety of local favorites, Korean and western menu. Though short in distance, this course rate the highest during our visit with the overall experience.

Adisucipto Golf Club
Located next to Adisucipto Airport, the 18 holes par 72 course is own by the Air Force. Course are relatively flat due to the topography but its overcome with the multiple dogleg holes around the course.

Hyatt Regency Golf Course (9 Holes course designed by Fisette Golf Design)
The course covers 22 hectares of the Hyatt Regency hotel grounds. Located within 20 minutes’ drive from the city center, this course is popular among the local golfers due to its convenient location. The 9 holes’ par 30 course comprise of six par 3 holes and three par 4 Holes measured at 1835 meters and has three boxes for you to choose. Club rentals are available with full Taylormade golf set all still in good condition. A good course to complete the Jogja golf experience if you have that extra day.

The Experience

Ullen Sentalu Museum
Must visit even you are not in history! This museum give a different feel on those ordinary museum. Located on a cozy area and neat underground display. It gives you that feel adventurous feel that you will see something different in each sections. The museum portraying Javanese culture with displays such as relic, artifact from Royal houses and Kratons of Java. There is private collection of musical instruments and Batik which also an eye-opener on the distinct different of Batik from Solo and Jogja. While venturing, you will provided with an in-house well English speaking guide that will guide you through the tunnels and sections of the maze like site. Photos/ videos are not allowed in the collection areas but there is a photo opportunity space at the outdoor with impressive stone wall carvings.

Omah Kecebong
Located only an hour drive from the city center, this community based workshop venue will be one of the highlight if you plan a corporate event or simply just some FIT clients. We were taken aback with the hospitality of this site. Starting off with the awesome “Jamu” (Indonesian medical herb beverage), we went for a country side ox-cart ride that was very interesting. After the ride, we went to change the traditional batik outfit for photo session before heading to a hands-on experience on Batik painting. Customer will be able to take their “masterpiece” after 3 days for memento. The short two hour tours was so remarkable with the finishing snacks of banana fritters and another traditional herbal soup. There were so much other activities that you can do here for team building activities such as: farming, fishing, traditional instrument/ music workshop and so on.

Omah Kecebong Omah Kecebong


Batik Shopping at Malioboro StreetBatik Shopping at Malioboro Street
This whole stretch of street is full with array of shops displaying the colorful Batik. Every Friday, the locals wear batik on their office hours, a very good attempt by the government to retain the culture of Batik outfit. In Jogja, there is a lot of decoration that you will find will display Batik from your dining platter to wall decoration. You will truly value it after you go through the Batik paintings as there is so much skill needed in creating one. A special note to Hamzah Batik, previously known as Mirota Batik. This huge complex saves you all the hassle on bargaining on price as the price are fixed. Huge collection available for kids, men and ladies wear; from slim fit shirt to batik tie you will find it all on the ground floor. The first floor is packed with cheap souvenirs that you can buy to friends/ families. On the exit, there are snacks display that worth to check out for the to respect your tummy. Street food and horse cart ride can also be a highlight of this street.

Borobudur TempleBorobudur Temple
This place need no introduction as the world’s largest Buddhist temple. Unlike Angkor Temples complex that comprise of huge parameters, the Borobudur gives a total different experience on the architecture and sights. Built in 9th century, this masterpiece was listed previously as the Seven Wonders of the World, this site is certainly one of the bucket list that you need to tick off!


Local StallsLocal Stalls
Travel with Insider and it will take you to the best local food/ snacks. Off the FAM Trip main program, we head to “Soto Ayam Pak Gareng”. It’s a hot chicken broth soup combine with herbs and pour into the pre-standby mix of rice, vermicelli, shallot and lenthok (fried cassava chunks). A sip of that first spoon will freshen you up; locals had this as breakfast so the place is open since 5.30am and finished around 1pm. That’s just the time you have if you want to try this addictive dish.

Bale Kambang Royal AmbarukmoBale Kambang – Royal Ambarukmo
We were all amazed with the royal house dinner at the Bale Kambang. Dinner were served in style with the ceremony and provide you an experience of dining as royal family. This is sort of experience that will give a “WoW” factor to those important events for your corporate clients. Menu was great with a vast full royal house course.

Sekar Kedathon – Kota Gede
Eat where the locals dine. This keraton fine dining restaurant was so popular with the locals that bringing their friends/ family to dine at one of the most authentic restaurant. The restaurant was set with the Javanese style decoration with nice ambience.

Abhayagiri Restaurant – Sunset Dinner
Miles away from Borobudur, there is Prambanan Temple, a cluster of temple that is part of the city landmark. In Abhayagiri restaurant, you will be able to see the peak of Prambanan on a sight distance and the venue itself provides a very good sunset view over the city and Prambanan area. We were served the traditional deep fried duck as the main course and chocolate lava cake dessert that will surely made you full for the rest of the evening with happy tummy!

Angkringan Kopi JossAngkringan Kopi Joss
For that lip smacking feel after a good meal, head to the Angkringan Kopi Joss where all the taxi knows where to take you. The local stalls provides a woven mats for those who wants to drink like local or a conventional chairs if you want to sit like usual. The highlight of this place is the coffee and tea. For the coffee, opt for the kopi Joss, which refer to the local brew coffee served SMOKIN Hot with a charcoal that float inside. The smoky feel will give you that extra kick on savoring one of the best served coffee in town. If you are not a coffee-holic, opt for the Ginger Tea. When you are in Jogja, bear with the gingers as most of the good beverages had this as their main ingredient.

Bale RaosBale Raos
Once you step in the main hall, its full of comments from tourist and celebrities. It were so full until we cannot give additional review! It’s a worth place to dine and certainly not over-rated. The full course royal kraton set menu was simply amazing; we were start served with Java Beer (made from ginger, lemongrass and turmeric), appetizer, soup and a set of exotic main course comprise of beef tongue, fried pigeon, dory fish, local specialty of gudeg and end with a sweet jelly dessert.


Nurkadathyan Spa
Created by the Princess of Kraton Yogyakarta, this venue provide a wonderful spa experience with the principal of using natural products with a touch of Kraton traditional remedy.

Ministry of Tourism IndonesiaCredit goes to Mr. Indra Eka Permana, Mr. Andriyatna Rubentha and Ms. Santi from Wonderful Indonesia (campaign by Ministry of Tourism) to make this trip happen and we are able to share the beauty to the world.

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